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These people are the best of the best. Always on time and of the upmost integrity...

SERVPRO Palm Desert is great! The crew and management was great to deal with! They exceeded my expectations and did a great job for us. 
Thank you SERVPRO Palm Desert!

Mrs. Shonerd called the SERVPRO of Palm Desert office and wanted to tell Greg's boss how fabulous he was. She is very pleased with the carpet cleaning and cannot thank him enough because she was going to buy new carpet but came out this morning to find her carpet to look perfect. Mrs. Shonerd wantged to make sure that Greg and his assistant Marcelo were recognized for their professionalism and attention to detail!

Mr. Connelly wrote on his Certificate of Satisfaction that Greg was especially terrific in taking charge of the project, communicating and following up. It has been a pleasure to meet him and work with SERVPRO of Palm Desert 

B. Goldstein called the SERVPRO of Palm Desert office to make sure that we were made known that she thought Greg Gallegos was wonderful! She explained that he had an arrival time between 8:30am - 9:00am and that she was delighted when the doorbell rang at 8:30am. She also said that he was so nice, competant and the carpet stretching turned out great! I will work with SERVPRO again.

Outstanding services and great results. I have used them for years.

I love this company they are the best in town.  From carpet, tile, rugs and even furniture; the absolute best!! Great and professional, friendly staff, great rates...


SERVPRO of Palm Desert has this free service they offer to anyone who calls and ask for it.  They come to your home or business and investigate where all the emergency shutoff valves are and take pictures.  Then a few days later, they bring you back this beautiful 3 ring binder with you information layed out perfectly.

I fell like now if there is an earthquake or some other disaster, I will be prepared.  And it cost me nothing but a phone call.  I suggest that everyone take advantage of this super cool offer.

Thanks, guys.

Mr. Friedman called to say what an exceptional job Greg Gallegos and Vince Ibalbarriaga did at his home today. He was very pleased with the positive attitudes of the men after his one hour job turned into a three hour job because he added additional work to be done. He said that he was always a SERVPRO customer before and due to these men he will continue to be a faithful customer of SERVPRO and recommend us to his friends. Way to Team!

Mr. Brown called in to say that Edgar & Mike did the best job he has ever seen on his carpet. He said the men were very neat, clean and thorough. He is so happy he is going to refer SERVPRO of Palm Desert every chance he gets.